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Membership Engagement Committee (MEC)


  • Under Construction

Membership Engagement Vice-President

Two Year Term


  • Attend meetings of the Executive.

  • Chair the Membership Engagement Committee.

  • Represent the Association on the ACIFA Professional Affairs Committee.

  • Submit a written report on the performance of his or her duties for publication at least once every three months between September and May.

  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as assigned by the Executive or the President.

Eight Elected Members

Two Year Term


  • Attend monthly committee meetings (10) (September – June).

  • Actively participate in 1-2 sub-committees.

  • Speaker Series

    • Identify at least 4 topics and speakers.

    • Attending and introduce/thank presenters.

    • Submit articles for Intercom.

  • Discounts

    • Review, update and solicit new discounts.

  • Recognition Event

    • Plan Recognition event every 2 years (meal, gifts, invitation)

  • Intercom Submissions

    • Coordinate with staff to advertise current conferences, guidelines, etc.

  • Socials

    • Plan social events (ie. Welcome Back, Mid-Winter Frolic; Year-End Wind-up).

·         Attend and act as host at a minimum of 2 social events.

·         Conferences Applications

  • Review applicants and approve/deny funding requests.

  • Set funding guidelines for ACIFA and other conferences.

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