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NASA Executive


Elected - Two Year Term


  • Chairs Executive, Table Officers and Bargaining Committees

  • Presides over all meetings of the general membership

  • Sits as a non-voting ex-officio member of all NASA committees

  • Provides direction to the LRO and Administrative Officers

  • Sits as a member of Academic Council

  • Provides written reports on the activities of the Association

  • Shepherd’s NASA Business plan

  • Liaises with NAIT management, ACIFA, Student reps

Executive School Representatives

12 Representatives

Two Year Term

  • Attend Executive meetings (every three weeks) and report on activities in the School.

  • Liaise with Constituents on a regular basis by email or phone:

  • Contact members to solicit input on issues/concerns and identify them at Executive.

  • Seek input from the members on issues/concerns to be taken to Executive.

  • Participate in sub-committee work as assigned.

  • Meet with the Dean of School to exchange information/concerns.


   Liaising could be accomplished by:

  • Sending an email to School members (list could be provided by NASA). Using the bcc allows each member to receive the email without knowing that the email went to the entire school.

  • Establishing an Office Bank contact (telephone or email).

  • Circulating an Executive Meeting Summary. Each School Reps could develop a summary once per year; circulate it to other reps, who would in turn send it out to their School members.

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