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Employee Professional Development Account (EPDA)

NAIT will contribute $800.00 per year (prorated for part-time staff) to a maximum of $3200 into an individual Employee Professional Development Account (EPDA) for each staff member. (Article 24 of the NAIT/NASA Collective Agreement) This funding can be used to participate in courses, programs, conferences, seminars and workshops, Educational Material (the purchase of subscriptions to professional journals, educational software, reference material or textbooks) or the payment of Membership Dues/Fees in a Professional Association that is not covered under Article 34.

EPDA PROCESS - Please read this document if you are unfamiliar with the process.

Step 1: Print off and complete the Application form. Have your supervisor sign it.

Step 2: Purchase the item(s) or attend the event - keep your receipts.

Step 3: Complete the on-line process.

How much do I have in my EPDA Account?

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