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Communications Committee


  • Under Construction

Communications Vice-President

Two Year Term

  • Exercise the powers, and perform the duties, of the President, in his or her absence.

  • Attend meetings of the Executive.

  • Chair the Communications Committee.

  • Ensure that notice of all meetings is served.

  • Secure and make available the seal of the Association and ensure the minutes of all meetings are kept and approved. Minutes shall also be made available for inspection by the members on reasonable notice.

  • Ensure that when the Executive approves a motion to make, amend, or repeal a Policy Bylaw, then that bylaw is published.

  • Submit a written report on the performance of his or her duties for each publication of Intercom.

  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as assigned by the Executive or the President.

Six Elected Members - Two Year Term


  • Attend committee meetings (September–June).

  • Review and recommend to Executive policies and procedures pertaining to NASA’s corporate image and communications (Bylaw COMM.008).

  • Facilitate and maintain interactive communication networks, including the production of the Intercom (Bylaw COMM.008).

  • Proof the Intercom (approx. 4-5 times per year) and solicit and submit articles on issues relevant to NASA and of interest to members (2-3 times per year).

  • Review and update Association publications and forward amendments to staff for updating (Business Plan; Orientation Package).

  • Review the NASA website and forward amendments to staff for updating.

  • Participate in public relations activities as identified by the Committee including the Share the Warmth Campaign.

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