May 6, 2024

Successful Bargaining Rally Recap (and Photos!)

Bargaining Updates

First Bargaining Session July 10th – Barriers Still Remain

June 14, 2024

The bargaining committee met on Thursday, May 30th. With the back and forth around the

Bargaining Updates

NAIT can drop their Unnecessary Complaint to Remove Barriers

June 7, 2024

While we wanted to respect the proceedings at the Alberta Labour Relations Board and allow

Bargaining Updates

Bargaining Update: Pay Equity & Credential Pay Discussed

May 8, 2024

Hello NASA members, The Bargaining Committee met again on the evening of May 2. NAIT’s

Bargaining Updates

NAIT rejects NASA compromise on scheduling

April 19, 2024

Good morning NASA members, Your bargaining committee met again on the evening of April 4.

Bargaining Updates

NAIT goes to Labour Board rather than agree on scheduling

April 12, 2024

Hello NASA members, I am writing to update you all about a development in bargaining.

Bargaining Updates

NASA Bargaining Update: Timing, Transparency, and wage offers – 35% at another employer

February 15, 2024

Yesterday evening (February 14, 2024) your NASA Bargaining Committee met for the fourth time after

Your Bargaining Committee Representatives

  • Roo Maynard – representing Precarious Staff (Temporary and Casual)
  • James Gospodyn – representing Chairs
  • Angie Skuba – representing Curriculum & Instructional Specialists
  • Christine Loo – representing Librarians
  • Komal Kumar – representing Counsellors
  • Spenser Rawluk – representing Electrical Installations (SST)
  • David McCoy – representing Manufacturing, Fabrication and Maintenance (SST)
  • Kirk Lamble – representing Mechanical (SST – Patricia Campus)
  • Krysta Westlund – representing Medical Imaging and Laboratory Services (SHLS)
  • Sherry Sand – representing Dental and Animal Clinical Services (SHLS)
  • Randy Dreger – representing Community Health (SHLS)
  • Mette Rasmussen – representing Energy, Resources and Operations (SAST)
  • Ken Williams – representing Infrastructure and Sustainable Design (SAST)
  • Greg Von Lipinski – representing Electrical and Electronics (SAST)
  • Ashley Lawson – representing Natural Sciences and Academic Studies (SAST)
  • Wanda Griesheimer – representing Industrial Automation and Design (SAST)
  • Steve Chattargoon – representing Media, Information & Communication Technologies (SAST)
  • Mark Zubis – representing Accounting and Analytics (JRSSB)
  • Camron Rahmanian – representing Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (JRSSB)
  • Melissa Dobson – representing Management and Bachelor of Technology (JRSSB)
  • Janet Bertsch – representing Marketing, Hospitality and Human Resource Management (JRSSB)
  • Shauna MacDonald – Chair and NASA President
  • Trevor Zimmerman – Spokesperson and Labour Relations Director

Areas with currently vacant representation:

    • Information Systems Technology (SAST)
    • Transportation (SST)
    • Construction (SST)
    • Culinary Arts and Professional Food Studies (SST)