January 2, 2024

Bargaining update from Spenser Rawluk – proposal discussion begins

See below an email from Spenser Rawluk on behalf of the NASA Bargaining Committee.

Hello fellow NASA members,

Yesterday evening your NASA Bargaining Committee met for our first discussions of proposals. The proposals included: parking, benefits for temporary staff, increasing the proportion of continuous staff at NAIT, developing better union representation through a union steward system and other proposals based on continuous and ongoing feedback from you – our fellow members.

Our meeting was very productive, with excellent representation of Departments, Chairs, and precarious staff. Much more research and discussion will lead to a meeting on later in January to finalize proposals. The goal will then be sharing specifics and discussing with the entire NASA membership after Reading Week to get further feedback from you.

The Bargaining Committee is made up largely of volunteers representing all areas of NASA, and we will be working with you to bring forward common concerns and wishes for an improved Collective Agreement. Your concerns and wishes can only be addressed if you choose to participate and share. All voices are important, so fill out your electronic survey today at this link. Please note that Temporary and Casual staff are NASA members and are very much encouraged to fill out the survey as well.

Vacant positions on the committee remain for just a few departments: Transportation, Construction, and Culinary Arts currently in SST, as well as Information Systems Technology and Natural Sciences and Academic Studies currently in SAST. Please reach out to Shauna or Trevor if you are interested in putting your name forward to join our committee.

In Solidarity,

Spenser Rawluk

On behalf of the NASA Bargaining Committee:

  • Roo Maynard, representing Precarious Staff (Temporary and Casual)
  • James Gospodyn, representing Chairs
  • Angie Skuba, representing Curriculum & Instructional Specialists
  • Christine Loo, representing Librarians
  • Komal Kumar, representing Counsellors
  • Spenser Rawluk, representing Electrical Installations (SST)
  • David McCoy, representing Manufacturing, Fabrication and Maintenance (SST)
  • Kirk Lamble, representing Mechanical (SST – Patricia Campus)
  • Krysta Westlund, representing Medical Imaging and Laboratory Services (SHLS)
  • Sherry Sand, representing Dental and Animal Clinical Services (SHLS)
  • Randy Dreger, representing Community Health (SHLS)
  • Mette Rasmussen, representing Energy, Resources and Operations (SAST)
  • Ken Williams, representing Infrastructure and Sustainable Design (SAST)
  • Greg Von Lipinski, representing Electrical and Electronics (SAST)
  • Wanda Griesheimer, representing Industrial Automation and Design (SAST)
  • Steve Chattargoon, representing Media, Information & Communication Technologies (SAST)
  • Mark Zubis, representing Accounting and Analytics (JRSSB)
  • Camron Rahmanian, representing Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (JRSSB)
  • Melissa Dobson, representing Management and Bachelor of Technology (JRSSB)
  • Janet Bertsch, representing Marketing, Hospitality and Human Resource Management (JRSSB)