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NASA Business Plan 2017 - 2021

Core Business:

The Executive, President and, Labour Relations Officer will advocate on behalf of individual members on contractual issues.

Our Core Business Includes:

  • Representing and assisting members with their concerns including, if necessary, the filing of Association grievances when the Collective Agreement is violated

  • Informing NASA members of their rights, responsibilities

  • Informing NASA members of developments in Association/Management relations

  • Identifying deficiencies with the Collective Agreement through dialogue with members


Key Business Directions:

  • Advocating on behalf of NASA members

  • Providing effective NASA leadership

  • Influencing the Academic Plan

  • Negotiating the Collective Agreement

  • Promoting effective Communication

  • Promoting and encouraging the use of Educational and Professional Development Account (EPDA) funds

  • Providing membership services

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